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    single-smallSingle Hung Windows

    Single Hung Windows open and close by moving the lower panel or sash of the window. Thus, only half of the window area can be opened for ventilation. This is the most traditional-looking style of window.



    Double Hung Windows

    Double Hung Windows are virtually the same as single hung windows except that both the upper and lower sashes can be moved. The advantage is that you can adjust the sashes so that warmer air escapes at the top of the window opening while cooler air enters from the bottom.


    horizontal-rolller-smallHorizontal Roller Windows

    Horizontal Roller Windows are like a single or double hung window turned on its side. One or both of the sashes move sideways on rollers to open the window. Horizontal roller windows can be an economical choice for larger openings.



    casement-smallCasement Windows

    Casement Windows open and close using a crank or lever. The casement style opens up the entire window area to the breeze, and seals very tightly against drafts and moisture. Casement windows also provide easy egress in case of emergency.



    architectural-small picturewindow-smallFixed Lite Windows

    Fixed Lite Windows do not open at all, but are designed to provide light and architectural interest where ventilation is not needed. They range from the familiar picture window style to squares, circles, octagons and a variety of other shapes.


    slidingglass-smallSliding Glass Doors

    Sliding Glass Doors have evolved over the last several years by becoming more versatile in its offerings. There are many styles and varying grades of quality doors available today which are popular for providing access to pools, patios and decks. Today’s choices range from simple styles such as a 2, 3 or 4 panel standard door to a more extraordinary design featuring 90 degree or 135 degree corners.


    frenchdoor-smallFrench Doors

    French Doors offer a more traditional, elegant look with added security in addition to providing open access to a pool deck or lanai. Today’s French door systems and sidelight combinations are more versatile than yesterdays.

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